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Making successful marketing for ICO
is very simple
First, take a strong advisor with the experience of conducting several ICOs into your team – the one able to develop or test an existing PR, marketing and product strategy.
ICO Pools
We recommend starting the accumulation with ICO Pools and Blockchain seed Angel and Funds. You can not only test your hypothesis, but also find funding.
The first 7 out of the 1 000 existing listings make 80% of all traffic. Choose the best ones that are free and buy the premium as long as funds are collected.
Youtube and web blogers
Youtube and web bloggers - Influencers are power, take your time to making the best offer, try keeping the motivation up with tokens that are paid for the result. Often second-tier bloggers make offerings with the largest roi.
Search Ad
The Search Adwords, Bing, Yahoo searches - we take the whole main targeting of competitors, no common words. Buy out branded traffic, make advertising richer. Use Gmail. Constantly measure Roi, break traffic into segments - accumulate and use the audience.
Social Media
Despite the changed attitude from facebook, it remains one of the most convenient ways to create a large community and attract new investors. Of course, the development of this block is impossible without steemit and reddit
Display ADS
Are you also tired of advertising on coinmarketup, coinwars, etc.? This is Display Ads necessary for Hardcap. We make beautiful banners, set up the funnel and constantly help the investor decide on and make contribution.
Referral system or bounty
The referral system or bounty will allow not only increasing the number of project participants for tokens, but will also strengthen the team with the so necessary at the fund raising stage specialists: communities, translators, etc. Use automation methods.
Telegram has long been the main mean of the crypto-investor communication and although direct advertising in the messenger is prohibited, no one has canceled the possibility of exchanging traffic with partners or paid posts.
Intercom, unlike the Telegram which is an excellent converter, is more suitable for 1-1 communication so necessary for the investor to get rid of the last objections and help during the process of contributing and receiving tokens.
Blog and PR
We place a blog on our domain, set up cross-posting, goals and constantly work with press releases distribution. We constantly measure the results of BuzzSumo or mynewsdesk. You must always know precisely which article from which source brought you this pile of ether.
A little bit more
It remains to configure the funnel, register the retargeting segments, configure the e-mail mailing process, make sure that you connect push and other converters, check the analytics and make sure that you see investors from cookies before receiving funds to the smart contract.
As we have already said everything is very SIMPLE
When you work with professionals
Take your free chat
With successful ICO marketing specialist
And we are proud of results we produce to our customers
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