Collaborating With Local Influencers And Community Leaders is Crucial For Blockchain Success: Sergey Golubev
Crynet offers comprehensive blockchain solutions that cover all aspects, including marketing strategies, tactics, and global promotion of blockchain-based products and services. This article by GoodFirms details the remarkable journey of CryNet's Managing Partner, Sergey Golubev.
Sergey Golubev Managing Partner of Crynet
CryNet Marketing Solutions is a modern blockchain agency that differs from traditional organizations by functioning as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The company's blockchain experts create targeted marketing campaigns based on their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the technology.
The Company's Facts & Figures

★ 25+ Full served TGE-Projects Completed

★ 400+ Client's satisfaction with Coin payments

★ Top 10 ICO Marketing Agency by GoodFirms

★ Mln $560 Raised so far
CryNet's significant contribution to blockchain development on a global scale has earned them a prominent position in the list of top blockchain development companies on the GoodFirms platform.

The team at GoodFirms interviewed Sergey Golubev, the Managing Partner of CryNet, to gain further insight into the company and its principles.
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Sergey explained that the company operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which offers exceptional advantages such as enhanced transparency, more effective decision-making, and elimination of hierarchical obstacles to provide more excellent value to clients.

He emphasized that the company's mission goes beyond simply keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFTs. They aim to set new standards, anticipate trends, and provide tailored solutions to diverse clients.

In addition, CryNet is skilled in a range of technologies, including AI and blockchain. The company is devoted to advancing the future through innovation and a strong focus on the success of its clients.

"As the Managing Partner, I am thrilled to lead and guide my teams toward success while ensuring top-notch service quality for our valued clients. It's an honor to be accountable for such a critical responsibility."

Please Share The History Behind The Establishment Of This Company.

According to Sergey, the company was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Their main objective was to revolutionize the IT industry by utilizing creative intelligence and innovative strategies to enhance brand values.

CryNet has always maintained its founding principles of commitment, passion, and professionalism. These values are the driving force behind the company's unwavering dedication to providing innovative business solutions consistently.

The company has evolved from a blockchain agency to a global leader thanks to the contributions of highly experienced professionals who share the company's vision. They have helped clients from various industries by offering a decentralized structure that elevates their businesses' values on a global scale.
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According to Sergey, CryNet's approach to business is based on decentralization, collaboration, and adaptability. The company utilizes a network of blockchain experts from around the world to stay on top of the rapidly changing market dynamics in the industry.

CryNet is a standout provider of blockchain services with exceptional expertise and experience in the industry. They believe following trends is not enough once you've achieved a prominent position in the industry. Instead, they strive to set new benchmarks to help their client's businesses grow to the next level.

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Sergey shared that CryNet supported numerous start-ups for their blockchain development initiatives, which helped the company become a leading player in the global blockchain industry. In the following years, CryNet completed multiple projects worldwide for the banking and various industrial sectors.

CryNet is the go-to provider for IT services that are customized to cater to the unique requirements of every client's business. The company's unparalleled expertise is in blockchain marketing solutions, including PR campaigns, partnerships with crypto influencers, managing social media platforms, building blockchain communities, and providing DeFi and NFT marketing solutions.

He mentioned that in addition to their knowledge of blockchain, they specialize in sales and cryptocurrency marketing for specific regions, including SEA, MENA, LATAM and EU.

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Sergey affirms that CryNet operates globally and acknowledges the uniqueness of diverse regions' business structures. Consequently, they customize their approaches to tackle the cultural, economic, and regulatory circumstances, guaranteeing concrete results.

This company utilizes local influencers and community leaders to enhance its blockchain marketing campaigns. Their flexibility and adaptability to meet each client's unique needs results in greater customer satisfaction and added value to their objectives.
The reviews on GoodFirms demonstrate how CryNet collaborates with its clients.
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Sergey mentioned that CryNet is very flexible and adaptable when it comes to payment structures, as each project has its unique requirements. The company offers a "one-size-fits-all" option to serve its clients better. CryNet provides payment structures such as fixed cost, pay-per-feature, or pay-per-milestone models depending on the project's needs.

Like any other business in the market, the company has basic budget requirements. However, their team ensures that quality of service is not compromised even if the budget is low. CryNet's projects usually start at $20,000, but they are flexible for clients with lower budgets.

When questioned regarding the cost range for the project in 2022, he responded that it was approximately $50,000. This cost covers the initial expenses of integrating blockchain, consultation services, and creating basic blockchain applications. However, some projects have cost up to $1 million.
Finally, Sergey shared his vision for the company's next ten years and how they plan to achieve their ultimate goals. He explained that CryNet is revolutionizing blockchain agencies' traditional style and role as blockchain technology grows in DeFi, Edutech, Fintech, Metaverse, Gaming, and AI sectors. These sectors require professional marketing and PR services that can promote a better understanding and acceptance of the technology to a broader audience in the global market.

To achieve this, CryNet plans to leverage the power of digital transformation through artificial intelligence for various business operations, delivering more innovative and better systems that further encourage the widespread use of NFTs.

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