Blockchain Consulting Program
One of the best solutions for successful Pre or Post ICO's
Top 6 Reasons ICOs Fail
Legal challenges
Get outcompleted
Poor marketing
No market need
Not the right team
Didn't use network
Blockchain Consulting - is a new program to support the most promising ICO projects.
The program membership advantages?
The best working practices
A dedicated project manager / advisor
The list of proved vendors
What we do?
Project Audit
Precised check of idea, WP, website, red flags
Marketing strategy
Elaboration of detailed strategy with tools, channels and timelines
Legal support
Legal consulting and compliance, recommendations and contacts of contractors
Technical consultancy
Overview of MVP, recommendations from full-stack developers
Head hunting of success candidates for various duties
Brand ambassador
Presentation of company during exhibitions, pitchings and relevant events
Market making
Creation of strategy to enhance token liquidity and demand
Pools and Funds
Presentation of the project to partners, investors and VCs
You may join the Blockchain Consulting program if
More than 20 people on board
Approved business plan
The product has been completed
Top blockchain partners
Team achievements (Hackanthons, Prizes etc)
Backed by 2 or more Funds
3 spots left. Price starts from $2 000
Some things you may not [need to] know about us
Full served ICO-Projects
Clients satisfaction on Coinpayments
Top 10
ICO Marketing Agency by GoodFirms
And we are proud of results we produce to our customers
The Divi Project has a new solution to crypto's $10 Trillion Prize: Mass Adoption. Our user-friendly cryptocurrency will be used by billions of ordinary people.
Brings together merchants and affiliates without brokers and uses smart contracts to ensure transparent and fair deals.
Program is designed for individuals, partners, and organizations that want to be part of revolutionary blockchain innovations.
Earth Token provides a unique opportunity to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market, by creating a Natural Asset Marketplace.
Decentralized Cloud Gaming is the Next Big Thing. PKT provides an opportunity to become a part of this future and make a smart contribution.
Providing a Global Betting Liquidity Pool, BETR is being built by gaming industry veterans, for the industry. BETR will become the exclusive crypto-currency of some of the world's leading gaming operators.
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