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Bloggers are the modern rock stars: some people hate them, but constantly watch and read about them, and give them the advertising budgets. We know everything about them and want you to use their full potential too. Are you ready?
What do we do?
Ad - Effective Blogger Content Integrations
Event - meetings with bloggers and opinion leaders
Esports - organizing esports tournaments, broadcasts and advertising integrations
Product placement of digital and physical products in blogs
End-to-end deals with no minimum budget
We offer a full-service cooperation model
Your personal account manager for consultations on service-related issues
Tasks under tactical and strategic influencing goals for a brand
The compilation of relevant bloggers for your advertising campaigns
Additional documentation if necessary
Reporting and analytics on finished advertising campaigns
Saving time - all you have to is to watch commercials and we will do the rest for you!
We earn only when you get the results
Consultation and proposal preparation
15% Service commission for every successful transaction
Reporting and recommendations
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Can I manually select bloggers before launching advertising campaigns?
Yes, this function is possible for all types of advertising companies, except working with a large number of nano influencers (from 100 to 1000 subscribers).

Do you moderate publications?
Each placement goes through 2 stages of moderation: automatic - hashtags, geo, advertiser's mark, etc. Also manual - by our account manager.
What is the price of an advertising campaign?
We work on a commission based, which is charged from each successful placement and ranges 15%.
When and for what do I pay?
Before the placement of your advertising budget is on the agency's account and only after making and checking the placement a blogger will receive the payment.
How do you check your bloggers?
We are proud of our partnership with the largest analytical platforms in the world: Buzzsumo, Socialbackers, Traackr and the list is constantly growing. This allows us not only to exclude the performance indicators, but also to choose for you the audience of bloggers by topics, gender, geography, etc.
What social networks do you work with?
The pool of our bloggers allows us to cover all the leading sites: Facebook, Instagram, Tick-talk, Youtube, Twitch etc.
What information I am going to receive about an advertising campaign?

Each account manager provides a report on advertising campaigns, which includes all key marketing metrics: reach, number of likes, comments, ROI.
Can I start working with $ 100 budget?
Our agency doesn't have a minimum budget. But we recommend starting with a budget at least $ 1,000, otherwise you can only afford a few placements and get little traffic, which will complicate the subsequent analysis of compaigns' effectiveness.
Can I send my product to the influencer?
Yes, of course, we work with both physical and digital products.