Google + Facebook How to work with traffic monsters in order not to waste your budget but rather attract your clients?
Google and Facebook combine a large number of effective tools that allow you to build and maintain not just full marketing campaigns, but also your independent sales funnels.

Google provides a range variety of tools, including its own search engine system Adwords, Youtube, applications, Gmail and DoubleClick with its irreversibility audience reach from crypto sites like CoinMarketCap to Reddit.

Facebook specifically allows you to attract the initial target audience to your project via the display advertising, stimulate its further activity and growth afterwards with the help of native posts and video promotion, and finally, consolidate it with additional activities like touch in instant messengers and Instagram.

Each of these instruments is case-specific and shows different efficiency. For your information, below we are providing a brief description, showing our approach on using all these marketing instruments in our day-to-day processes.
Search Engine Advertising

We divide search engine advertising into two separate categories:
- advertising based on branded and direct competitive search engine queries;
- advertising based on common search engine queries

And if the first category, for obvious reasons, is the most suitable for every project since it performs the maximum conversion rate, advertising in common search engine queries is expensive and, as a result, is often absolutely ineffective for most of the projects.

While pursuing the maximum audience reach and low-cost clicks, some marketers do not even bother about the efficiency, placing ads even on single queries like "Dash", "EOS", "Crypto" etc. The quality of such traffic is correspondingly low - users simply browse calendars and reviews and don't even pay attention at the promoted ICO project itself, which ads already popped up on the screen in the first place.

Context media network, a set of traffic by interests and display advertising

On the average, ICO receives more than 40% of its overall clicks from here. Traffic here is much more expensive but at the same times it providemore targeted audience reach rather than search advertising.

As a result, you shouldn't expect short-term sales from this channel. Instead of that, you should definitely stimulate your audience activity and continue to interact with it at least 2-4 times with the help of other tools (articles, video reviews, emails etc.), which will guide the user further through our funnel and convert him from simply interested person to contributor. It's also worth noting that there are more targeting options available in these tools, which we'll describe below in more details.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Targeting an audience that has already visited the site
According to our statistics, at the first visit only 2% to 8% amount of overall visitors make a purchase, so it is crucial to remind them about your project and return them to the site.

Conversion rate from remarketing is more than 4 times higher rather than for a "cold" audience attracted from display and interests advertising. It is also important, that in this case it is worth using not simply Facebook and Google tools, but also implement push notifications, emails, telegram and feedback chats.

Video ads

The first rule - do not try to reach a wide audience in the beginning. You won't receive neither relevant traffic, nor sales. Trying to increase brand awareness on this stage is also useless - the campaign only lasts maximum for 2-3 months. You already need investors, who are ready to pay here and now. Leave all these long-term audience relationships for coaching and educational projects.

The second rule - be sure to include video ads on your remarketing lists. It will associate in "warming up" the audience, who is already familiar with your projects, but has not yet participated in ICO. We strongly recommend of using video reviews with professional and respected video bloggers and real members of your team instead of making animated videos. It will help not only to increase the credibility for your project,but, also, if the video blogger is chosen correctly, increase the audience reach and coverage at the expense of bloggers and their own loyal auditoriums.

Targeting settings

There are a lot of different targeting options and one extra audience or country in a few days can lower thousands of dollars of your marketing budget. Let us analyze the most important points.


Target audience exists in many countries. If you check the interest in crypto-currencies through Google Trends, you will see countries from all continents on the top of results, but the solvent audience you really need is only present in a few countries.

The essential share of sales is brought by english speaking countries - USA, UK, Australia and Canada (TIER 1 + eng), so the main focus should be concentrated on them.

A good conversion and average order value alsocomes from Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Hong Kong - so it makes sense to make individual language versions of the website and banners preliminary for these countries as well.

The CIS countries and Africa show an efficiency well below average. Especially for these regions, we have long ceased to target our marketing campaigns and put them in stop-lists, allowing our clients to save a huge amount of budget.

It is also worth mentioning some Asian countries - India, Philippines, Indonesia, Bali, Vietnam, etc. Despite the fact that in these countries there is still a high interest in ICO and you can get a lot of cheap clicks and traffic, the efficiency for most of the projects is very low.

Audience segments

Though different projects can work separately with different segments ofaudience and you always should test everything, you can always start with this one - "Financial Services / Investment Services". This audience works equally well for all projects.

It also makes sense to test that audience, which is closest to the subject of the product. For example, a game project - for gamers, a project related to cars - to motorists, betting project - to the sports audience, etc. People are more likely to invest their money in areas they are familiar with.


If you have enough statistics, you should definitely optimize your advertising plan. the list of placements. There are sites that significantly outperform the rest in terms of efficiency - we raise stakes on them.

CPC for these resources may outreach for $40 and higher and yet it still remains profitable. For instance, Reddit is famous for very low CTR and very expensive CPC, but with an average order value of 20 ETH it covers all expenses and provides a very decent ROI. But only if the audience of Reddit, which is indeed very "selective", positively accept and evaluate your project.

Meanwhile, you should definitely remain cautious and rely only on conversion rate while optimizing your plan or testing new hypotheses. Therefore, we do not recommend any "innovations" in placements unless you have implemented a working transparent analytics since the first touch (showing the banner or the first visit) to the moment of contribution.

Our good practice is to exclude advertising platforms, where:
- we've spent at least $500 and didn't receive at least a single conversion;
- display count is more than 10 000, CTR is below 0.05-0.1% or above 3-5% and the site subject is weird (jokes, memes, comics, Al-Jazeera news, etc)

Demographic groups

Everything is simple here - we exclude women. There are more and more women coming into the cryptocurrency industry and probably in the next 6-12 months they will be more actively investing in cryptocurrency projects, but at the moment they are still being poorly converted and investing less than men.

Speaking of the age groups, the most profitable are 25-34 and 35-45, but 18-24 and 45-54 also make a sensible contribution to the total investments in overall. 55+ we can exclude.

Mobile vs desktop

Desktop traffic is converted more than 2 times better than mobile, but do not rush with the exception. Many people use several devices for surfing, but it is not always possible to track the transitions between them, and the reports on conversions are the one on which the purchase usually takes place - the desktop.

As a result, you should definitely raise the stakes for the desktop, but do not completely abandon mobile traffic.
We hope that you found useful our brief description on how to use for advertising Google and Facebook.

Obviously, it is impossible to share all of the accumulated experience and details after running dozens of projects in one letter, but we are confident that this brief information we have provided to you would be a great asset to protect you from common mistakes if you decide to conduct these important components of ICO marketing on your own.

Of course, in our opinion, if you want that your advertising work effectively, you need to take care and choose a reliable and experienced partner - such as us for instance. ;)
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